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Cash gifts support our programs, help us maintain or upgrade equipment, provide scholarships to students, and grow our capital fund for the community center we plan to build on our new site.

We also appreciate in-kind donations, such as fabric, functioning sewing machines, garden tools, and current computer equipment.   And we are always grateful for your volunteer time.  Please let us know about your interests and skill sets!

DouglaPrieta Works is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  To make a tax deductible contribution, make checks payable to: DouglaPrieta Works

Mail to: 2916 E. Loma Alta Dr, Douglas, AZ 85607

Donations can also be made by credit card using Pay Pal's secure website. The button below is for making a one time donation. 

The button below can be used to set up automatic monthly payments by credit card.

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