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We have many ideas for future development as the funds can be raised to implement them.  A major long range goal is to raise the funds to purchase property for a new Center.  The current rented facility is crowded and there is no expansion room.  With a suitable property, we can build an expandable center tailored to the needs of the community.  Building can be done relatively inexpensively with community labor.

Many in the colonia live without electricity, running water or indoor sanitary facilities.  Most are poorly educated in personal hygiene or kitchen hygiene.  Viral infections, particularly respiratory and gastrointestinal, are very common.  Chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease are also common.  Most residents cannot afford much medical care or prescription drugs.  Transportation to distant hospital/clinic sites is also difficult.

One of DPT┬┤s goals is to develop local medical services and transportation for those needing more advanced care.  As a beginning a doctor and 3 nurses who live in the colonia are starting a health education program.  They will begin with pregnant women and children, and then expand as interest is generated.  While acute medical services may eventually be made available, the emphasis will be on preventive services.