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Working with community based and faith-based partners in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, DouglaPrieta Works promotes a mutual aid ethic among community members with a goal of economic self-sufficiency.

We envision a community that enables all members to meet their basic needs and promotes the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

As the United States component of philanthropic partnership the goals of DouglaPrieta Works are:

constructing a door in the new woodshop
To support our Mexican partners raising capital for equipment and training.  We also coordinate volunteer and site visits.


A volunteer teaching EnglishTo support education through scholarships.


To assist our Mexican partners in achieving their community goals.

Economic development forum sponsored by DPW and Cochise College
To provide educational and volunteer opportunities for Americans wishing to better understand the unique problems of border communities on both sides of the US/Mexico border.


To encourage self-sufficiency by developing region-appropriate food production systems using a permaculture model through a community demonstration garden, household kitchen gardens, and outreach to schools, organizations and institutions in the community of Agua Prieta.