Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

At DouglaPrieta Works, our mission is to collaborate with community-based and faith-based partners in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, to promote a mutual-aid ethic among community members, with the goal of economic self-sufficiency.

Women's Cooperative

The Women’s Cooperative can make a variety of products to your specifications. All proceeds from sales go directly to the DouglaPrieta Center and are used to pay the workers, cover the cost of materials, and help pay the costs of the center itself.

Sustainable Food Security

DouglaPrieta Works encourages sustainable food security through the creation of region-appropriate food production systems.

Migrant Carpentry Workshop

The workshop uses recycled pallets to build beautiful furniture, teaching migrants a skill that hopefully can assist them in finding gainful employment in their home towns.

Donate to Our Future

Our ideas for future development are limited only by…

English Language Classes

The center in Agua Prieta offers classes in English as a second language for adults.

Border Awareness

One of the goals for DouglaPrieta Works is to provide education on border issues to interested Americans. We welcome individuals or groups to visit with us. Visits and tours of the DPT Center and of Agua Prieta and its colonias can be arranged. Lunch or dinner in the Center and discussion of border issues can be included.